Hey guys, my name is Tigerfur, commonly called “Tiger”. I’ve wanted to have a serious blog for some time now, and when I went to make a Gravatar (I read a lot of webcomics, and I wanted to be able to comment on them with a gravatar) I saw WordPress, and decided to check it out. So far I’m liking what I see, and am planning on adding a new addition to my blog every week, or maybe even every 2 weeks at the minimum. I do have a tumblr account at blueeyedwhit3000.tumblr.com, but I rarely get on tumblr and when I do I mainly goof off and look at funny pictures. I also have a twitter at twitter.com/TigerfurofWindc, and I do get on it almost every day. My email is blueeyedwhit3000@gmail.com but please only email if it’s for a private question, or for my costume contest. I also have a facebook , but I will not be disclosing that information with any of my readers, unless of course I do feel the need to do that, which probably will not happen.


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