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Tom Attwater Is Dying. His Daughter Might Die, Too. The Letter He Left For Her Is Unforgettable..


This is a must read! It’s both inspiring and sad at the same time ­čśŽ


I love Halloween, it’s my favorite┬áholiday. And yes I will argue that it’s a holiday. Anyways, this is today’s daily prompt :┬á┬áIt basically says if bloggers had their own trick or treat, what would your blog hand out? Mine would probably hand out really bad jokes and puns (what do you call a seagull that lands on a beach? A bagel!) and candy, you can’t forget the candy. ­čÖé Happy Halloween Guys! Actually I do have something else that I want to do here. I will be hosting a costume contest here on my blog! Just send in some pictures of you in your Halloween costume ­čśë contact information is on my about page, if there’s any other way to send in pictures other than email and twitter (I don’t get on tumblr very much so it’d probably be a bad idea to send one to me there) then I’ll find out.

Remember that band competition I was talking about last time? Yeah, we rocked at the band competition. That was one of our best performances, if I say so myself. But what did we get? Silver. We got silver. And, this competition was┬áregionals┬áso if we didn’t get into the top 10 bands we wouldn’t be able to go to semi-state. Needless to say, we were only 0.15 points away from being in the top 10.┬áWe were so close, yet so far away.┬áThere were tears, especially from our seniors. A lot of them thought this would be the year we would make it, as, counting this year, we haven’t made it to semi-state in 3 years. So our marching season is over. Well, we thought it was. The football team coach has said that he would greatly appreciate it if we marched one last time during half-time at this Friday’s game. ┬áThat’ll be fun, but for now we’re just working on concert music and getting ready for concert band. We won’t give up so easily on that. We’ve also counted up what points we have so far towards our band letter. We need 120, but I only have 30. Good thing I have like 3 years ahead of me :D.