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Hey guys, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on my wordpress, I know. I have had a lot on my plate recently, but it’s getting better. But hey, good news! This is another song review! *dances on the inside* It’s actually kind of a review for two songs, so it’s even better. First, since you guys know I’m just full of stories, let me tell you why these are the songs I chose to review. It’s because no one sends me any suggestions. My band class has been invited to join “Legends of Liverpool”, a Beatles tribute band, to play at a concert to raise funds for my school corporation. I have always loved The Beatles, and we’re playing a lot of my favorite songs, and a lot of new ones too! One of my favorite songs that we’re playing (that I hadn’t heard before) is “Eleanor Rigby” (even if the clarinet melody is kind of boring). While I wouldn’t say it has a beautiful message or instrumentation, it did impact the listeners of that time period, even though it wasn’t the only song out there about depression, loneliness, and (spoiler alert) death. I guess they just weren’t expecting to hear such a dark song come from The Beatles, who were more known for their love songs and stuff. Many people see this song as a big step forward in their career, which I agree with entirely.

The other song I was going to talk about, though, sort of takes a lighter spin (or a darker, haven’t really figured it out altogether yet) on Eleanor Rigby’s story. It was on Paul McCartney’s album, and film, “Give my Regards to Broad Street”. It’s almost purely symphonic, and starts in a very light tone, but at some points, and forgive me for sounding oldish, it gave me the willies. Many of the turning points had graceful, legato violins quickly becoming creepy, staccato cellos and violas, paired with disoriented-sounding opera voices. At one point in the song the music ceases entirely, but only for a few seconds. Evil laughter soon emerges, and loudly, too. I almost broke out in a cold sweat with all the unexpected turns this song took! At the end, you faintly hear a woman’s voice singing “Ah, look at all the lonely people.” which is a call-back to the main song. Overall, while the song did creep me out, I did like the tone of it and how Paul McCartney kind of continued Eleanor’s story, showing what her dream was like at first and what it turned into. My complaints happen to be very few. I only wish that they had made some of the parts sound a bit more like the original’s instrumentation. But hey, that’s only my opinion. I’d love to hear yours! Please, comments will be extremely appreciated, and so will recommendations of songs you would like to hear my opinion on!

(Eleanor Rigby and Eleanor’s Dream, in the style of Paul McCartney)